Let's have a Clean Beauty Spa Party.....

Hi, My name is Katey.  Thank you for stopping by my Naked Beauty Shop.  I have been part of the Naked Beauty Family since the age of 9. Now that I’m almost 13 let me share my journey.  I made my choice early to go natural and use natural and cruelty free products on my skin.  I have very sensitive skin and I knew it was the right thing to do.  

My shop is for ALL ages (6-100) especially for the young at heart. Not only are my products sweet on the skin but they heal many skin conditions. If you have any allergies or skin concerns call our glow number we will make you a custom formula.  Make sure to use them daily and watch my magic recipes make you smile.  

After using Naked Beauty for 4 years, I have a healthy reflection and I'm happy when I look in the mirror.  My skin is always glowing and I get pink cheeks too.  I love the body products also, I use to get heat rashes and Naked Beauty made them go away.  I love sweets and specially chocolate, candy or anything sugary.  My parents taught me to eat healthy because it's good for the inside of my body and my skin. Though I have a treat every now and then.  With Naked Beauty I can use yummy smells like candy or chocolate from natural ingredients while keeping my skin very healthy.  It's so much fun.  You'll want to share it with your mom, your family or bff.

I have picked my favorite recipes so that you can have your own spa day at home with mom, sister, brother or bff.  Remember, taking care of yourself is everyday, not only once a week.  Exercise, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

Check out my Youtube videos coming soon.  If you need any help make sure to contact me in the contact section of this page.  Have fun shopping! I hope you enjoy the products and start glowing right away.  Don't eat them! 

If your a boy we make them for boys also.  You won't have acne or pimples we can make them smell like your favorite candy or chocolate.  I promise it's so much fun.  Everyone is going to ask you what's your secret. Tell them Katey told you.  Make sure to proceed with caution, your skin is going to get hungry for a fresh face.


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