“I started using the Pampered Face products a year ago, but fell off my skin routine. I was still using the mineral rose face wash & glow oil (a little goes a long way). I recently received a new set & of course it didn’t disappoint. I love the new feature of the face wash; you can spray it right onto your face! The scrub was sooo soft & the glow came through immediately. The new glow oil is so pretty & leaves the skin so smooth! The charcoal gel mask was cool on my skin & really calmed the redness in my skin! I love this skincare line so much! There is nothing like it!”

~Stephanie Bosh – California

“The Pampered Face has changed my skin completely. When I first started using the products, I suffered from cystic acne, horrible breakouts and struggled with confidence always having to wear make - up. It’s been 1 year and all of my scarring has gone away. I no longer have cystic acne and no longer wear make - up on a daily basis. The products truly speak for themselves.”

~Stephanie Sam – Miami

“I’m obsessed with Naked Beauty’s floral glow spritz & all day floral moisturize oil. I use it after I shower and underneath my makeup. I barely need to use makeup these days because it leaves my skin feeling completely hydrated and glowing. I would recommend these products to anyone that wants to embrace their natural God given beauty!”

~Yesenia Parreno Miami

The Pampered Face is the best skincare libe I’ve ever used. I love all of the products. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin since I started using them. You notice a difference right away. I love the glow it gives you.

~Jaclyn Ballou California

I love them all ! I use the gold spray as my moisturizer for the day after cleansing. I look and feel hydrated. And I spray the coco through out the day!!

Sylvia Hoke -NY

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