Dare to Bare your Naked Face....

Do you need to reprogram your skin ?  Follow these simple steps and you will have amazing results.  

What does your reflection show when you glance in the mirror?  The skin is a mirror image of what we put inside of our bodies.  Additionally, our skins overall appearance is an outcome of the choices that we make in our life.

Stress and nutrition are the two most important factors that can change the general appearance of our skin.  Managing stress can be a bit tricky but we can do it.  With a little discipline and adhering to a natural lifestyle regimen we can have a beautiful complexion.

How can we reflect a more youthful and healthy complexion?  We can if we make better choices.  Better choices are not over the counter drug store products. These products may cost less but they will ultimately deplete your skin of it's natural moisture.  Products with parabens and toxic chemicals can lead to additional health complications.  Most women don't have a healthy skin regimen in place.  We would recommend one that consists of cleansing, balancing and moisturizing the skin.

It is also imperative to add a natural sun block to protect your skin from sun damage.  The sun is definitely our enemy if we do not protect our skin the proper way.  It is the number one culprit in premature aging.  How can you restore damaged skin?  

We have designed a science that has amazing results.  Using minerals, electrolytes and vitamins to restore the skins natural beauty, is the healthiest way to get a flawless complexion.

Many products on the market promise to be natural, but really have hidden toxins including alcohols which dry out the skins natural moisture.  The number one choice to having a flawless complexion is to drink plenty of water.  Next make better choices with your nutritional regimen.  We highly recommend a natural SPF to protect your skin against sun damage.  Find a skincare program that implements minerals, electrolytes, vitamins and ALL natural ingredients.  

This will help your skin renew itself and stay healthy on a daily bases.  Do not mix all different kinds of products, because your skin may become irritated and have an allergic reaction.  Less is definitely more with skincare, Making better choices and staying on your daily regimen will give you a lifestyle of glowing skin from the inside out.  

With electrolyte therapy you must use a mineral cleanser.  Tone or mist the skin to nourish and hydrate as often as possible, twice a day is sufficient.  You must also use  a gentle exfoliator. Select a natural formula or skin kit that includes vitamins and natural essentials. Keeping this as a routine and not mixing anything to complicate your regimen will keep your complexion clean, healthy hydrated and youthful. 

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