Rose Gold Hydra Kit

Rose Gold Hydra Kit

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Our Seasonal Mineral Toner & Hyaluronic Acid Oil will make you look ageless and give you a beautiful complexion.

Recommended for the aging face.  Plumps and tightens.  Great for skin rolling.  Reduces fine lines, pores and hydrates skin. It’s Fresh and reduces redness and dry skin immediately. 

Our Fall toner mist is a must have. Restores damage skin  with minerals, nutrients and vitamins.  It’s mega hydration therapy.  Pack it in your bag and it’s your little Glow on the Go secret.  Packed with multi-floral oils Aloe mineral water, vitamin E and super antioxidant hydrating essentials,  this baby is a definite must have. Carry in your bag and splash all day. 

Stops breakouts and dry skin also heals various skin conditions.  Great as a makeup setter and hydration system.   

Ingredients:  Freesia, Frankincense, Lavener, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Seed Oil, Calendula Rose Hip, Neroli, Jasmin essence, 3 floral hydrating oils.  Get your glow chill today.  Limited edition while supplies last only.

1-Oil 2oz

2-Toner 2oz


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