Saffron  Ice Gel Mask

Saffron Ice Gel Mask

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Our Chill and Glow Gel-o-Shot Mask calms the skin immediately. It’s is deliciously addicting.  Will make pores disappear, brighten, tighten and lifts.  Suitable for ALL Skin Types. Stops acne instantly.

Our New Masks calms the skin and stop redness, irritation, tightens skin and reduces pore sizes.  You will feel a cooling and tingling sensation.

Our Super Healing Seasonal Gel Mask is infused with vitamin C & E, and Shea for the ultra hydration and nurturing.  May be used for all skin types.  Recommended for aging skin and skin with dark areas including blemishes. Promotes collagen, stops redness and dry skin. Great for skin rolling, promotes the NO makeup complexion with simply pure ingredients from Mother Earth.

ingredients include: Chamomile, Prim-Rose, 14k, Shea, Rose Hip, Vitamin A & C Aloe, Vitamin E, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Directions:  Use as needed or 2-3 times a week.  Leave 10-15 minutes wash off in mineral water for ultimate results.

1-Gel Mask -2oz


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