Serenity -Spa Ritual

Serenity -Spa Ritual

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Brand New our Bloom Box Spa on the Go Box. It's our Serenity Bloom Box which brings the best of the season.  Infused with Ylang Ylang, Rose, Lavender, Neroli and Watermelon for the ultimate complexion.  Available via our distributor partners in Arizona.

This Polish is a mousse moisture pack.  Gives you a soothing effect. It’s amazing what it will do to your skin. Sit back and watch your skin transform before your very eyes.  

Skin nutrition will heal the skin if you stay on the regimen.  Because every girl deserves to have glowing skin.

Recommended for the acne prone and sensitive skin types. Our Spring/Summer bundle will erase all imperfections with super antioxidants and simply pure ingredients.  Our Secret Glow Crystals will heal that skin and transform it into an airbrushed complexion. It’s an imperfection eraser.  This is a limited edition available as the seasons change. It has anti-aging ingredients and it’s packed in vitamin C.  Partnered with our mineral mist will keep you hydrated and glowing all season long.

This delicious blend will keep you craving it for weeks to come.  We couldn't help but give you a super food formula that would do it all at once.  Slows down the aging process, stops acne, tightens skin, close pores and keeps your radiant.  This combination with a healthy nutritional regimen will get you on the road to great skin.  Please, don't mix our formulas with any other brand. 

Ingredients include- Watermelon extract , lavender, prim-rose,sea salt, rose hip, ylang ylang, argan oil, vitamin C & E, neroli essential, Aloe, Frankincense, vitamin C & E, mineral water, Shea Oil and  multi-floral essentials. 14k gold mineral powder Vegan and Cruelty free. 



4 oz Watermelon Polish

2 oz Rose Oil 

2 oz Shimmer H20 Mist 

4 oz Mineral Milky Wash 



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