Very Berry Pudding Mask

Very Berry Pudding Mask

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This yummy floral pudding mask makes your skin feel cold.  Smells like mint ice cream and dries out your pimples.  I love it ! I use it 2-3 times week.  You can even put it in the frig for extra cooling.  Your skin will keep wanting more.  Pudding that heals acne how fun is that?  I also love the color.  Dries out pimples so quickly.  Send me a picture !

Katey’s Raw Blend Includes: 14k Gold Powder, Chamomile, lotus, rose, Camelia, shea, Rose Essentials, Aloe,Spearmint, Vitamin E, Shea oil, Chemical and Cruelty Free.

Directions:  Use as needed or 2-3 times a week.  Leave 10-15 minutes wash off in mineral water for ultimate results.

1-Gel Mask -2oz


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