Nicky’s Beauty Oil- Pearlescent Pink

Nicky’s Beauty Oil- Pearlescent Pink

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This is Nicky’s Favorite Makeup Primer & Moisturizer. Our pearlescent edition will give you a highlighted skin tone with a dewy finish. Heals multiple skin concerns such as dry skin, redness, rashes, uneven skin.  This formula and color are only available in Nicky’s shop. 

It’s our Pink Pearlescent

Shake, Shake & Glow Oil

This is a Makeup primer and moisturizer.  Just 2 drops and you’ll be hydrated all day.  Use at leisure or as needed. Heals multiple skin conditions and may be used on body and hair has beautiful shimmer.

Raw Blend Includes:  Pearlescent powder, shea, prime-rose  essential, camelia oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E and frankincense. 


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