Clarity Spa Kit

Clarity Spa Kit

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Our Clear Skin Aromatherapy Box is HERE. Our 4 Product Luxury Box prevents breakouts.  Recommended for all skin types.  Ultra hydrating and for those that tend to have dull and dry skin. 

This is a Showcase Spa Edition-Our Winter Box gives you a Botox effect.  Ancient Beauty Secrets Exposed.  Additionally, your skin will have an immediate youthful glow as if your skin were airbrushed.

Recommended for any sensitive skin type.  Any person that wants to improve the overall appearance of their skin. Additionally, for those that like to look like the are wearing natural makeup.

This Box Will Contain the following customized to your skin complaints. This is the FULL Naked Beauty Regimen. Contact us if you need exact customization.  This is for the ultra sensitive skin type and it’s our summer series.

This box is a super healer and skin regimen must be used daily for ultimate results.  Definitely you may use it in your body.  You’ll be obsessed with the dewy glow it gives 

Shea Rose Polish  -4oz

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Oil -2oz

Mineral Tonic- 2oz

Mineral Cleanser -4oz

*Follow the direction on our Pink Chef Card Included in your spa box.

Raw blend includes : Sea Salt, Shea, Jojoba oil, 14k gold powder, rose hip, maple, aloe extract, Neroli, Ylang,Ylang, lsea salt, jasmin, lavender, frankincense, vitamin A, B, C & E,Vegan and Cruelty free.

Thank you for selecting Naked Beauty.  

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