Glocation Oil-Nude

Glocation Oil-Nude

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It’s our Shake & Glow makeup primer and moisturizer.  Use it on your face and may be used on the body as well.

We love this nude oil 2-3 drops on your face when you have a rash or it’s irritated and it makes it go away like magic.  Smells fresh  and you can use it daily.  Gives you glowy cheeks and you can use it on your face, body or lips.  We make it in different colors. Make sure to shake the bottle it’s like magic. Additionally it’s a makeup primer and makes your skin silky smooth. 

We have made a yummy oil the best that nature has to offer without chemicals or preservatives.

  Raw Blend Includes:  Grapeseed oil, rose, chamomile, lavender, frankincense, almond oil, vitamin E and camelia oil.


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