Nicky’s Glass Skin -Cleanser

Nicky’s Glass Skin -Cleanser

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This is Nicky’s favorite fresh and gentle mineral face wash.  It will give you a clean complexion without depleting your skin of its natural moisture.  

The bubbles are minerals plus ultra hydrating essentials that will heal your skin.  Gentle enough to remove your makeup.  Leaves your skin radiant and fresh.  Recommended usage is twice daily.  Do not use on eyes.  Shake well before usage.

Its unique formula of organic multi-floral essentials, minerals and nutrients makes it an amazing product to achieve the radiant and healthy skin you’ve always wanted. Our science brings oxygen to your pores and changes the texture of your skin instantly.

Raw Blend Includes:  Primrose Essential, Mineral Water, aloe, shea oil, vitamin E, rose essential, camelia oil, frankincense-Lavender essential.

Buy it in a bundle or collection and save.

4 ounces


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