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Are you ready to Glow from the inside out?  

Our priority is your health and overall wellness.  We are here to partner with you and design a personal journey that  will address all of your health concerns from the inside out.  We are affiliated with the best in the industry and we promote what we believe can change your life and have lasting results.

We can offer you a virtual consultation where we can address of all of your health concerns from the comfort of your own home.  We will mentor and coach you to transition to the natural lifestyle, where you will begin to see results that are life changing. Naked Beauty Essentials has now partnered with Genteramed Wellness Center.  Here are the services that we offer.

Services Include:

Virtual Skin Consultation & Training Nationwide-(25 minutes) 

Vegan Skincare Designs-Addressing your specific skin concerns.  Pre-made formulas that address different skin conditions. Nationwide shipping available.

Weight-loss Services with a personalized program to include dietary recommendations, IV nutrition, fat burning injectables and support services.

IV Nutrition Services-(Mobile, Coral Gables, Boca, or LA). Wellness IV, Weight-loss IV,  Beauty Bomb IV, Hangover IV and customized formulas that address your health concerns.

Cosmetic procedures for the face and body including Botox, fillers, lip enhancement, etc.- Coral Gables Office

Body Contouring - personalized to your specific needs.  Mobile Services and packages available.

Hormone Replacement Therapy- catered to your specific needs through our affiliates.




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