Private Label Hair Kits- available

Available for a limited time on our website.  Our Private Label Partner's promotional period has a FREE H20 Naked Beauty Mist with the first orders.  Limited quantities available.  

This Repair kit is unlike any other.  The results are instant. Bubbly may be used daily as needed.  The Gold serum needs to be used with wet hair.  Seal the hair with the Bubbly 1st after applying the serum use the bubbly again.  Make sure you massage the serum and bubbly into the hair.  Leave the serum a minimum of 20 minutes.  Wash hair after and you may use the bubbly again before drying hair.

Hair frosting may be used alone with the bubbly as a mask cocktail.  Wet hair, mist the bubbly and make sure hair is very damp.  Apply frosting on ends and mid part of hair all the way to the ends.  It may be applied all over as well.  Massage into your entire hair.  Leave on 20 minutes seal in with the bubble.  Wash hair and apply bubbly before drying.  You will see immediate results.  

Please, check out the entire Lunamane Purity Hair Spa on The Go Kit.  It is highly recommended for the ultimate hair nutrition.  It will give you gorgeous silky, vibrant and healthy hair.  We are a lifestyle and we have the cleanest products on the market.

Contact us if further information is needed.  We hope you enjoy the Luna Gold Kit.


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