H20 on the Go-Guava Toner
H20 on the Go-Guava Toner
Product image 1H20 on the Go-Guava Toner
Product image 2H20 on the Go-Guava Toner

H20 on the Go-Guava Toner

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Summer Edition Toner - Add on ingredients  Guava essence. It’s anti-aging and reverses breakouts.  

As addicting as a tropical cocktail.  Island Gal’s Summer toner mist, renews and hydrates on contact. Our yummy Toner/Mist is a must have. Makeup setter, toner and hydration therapy.  Pack it in your bag and it’s your little Glow on the Go secret.  Packed with multi-floral oils and vitamin E and super antioxidant hydrating essentials,  this baby is a definite must have. Carry in your bag and splash all day.  

Stops breakouts and dry skin.  Great as a makeup setter and hydration system.   

Raw Blend Includes:  Camelia,Mineral water, chamomile, vitamin E, rose essential, lavender, frankincense essence, 3 floral hydrating oils. Our mineral mist will prime, hydrate, tone and set your makeup.  Don’t leave home without it.  Buy it in a bundle and save.

1-Mineral Mist  4oz 

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