Glow Godmother’s Beauty Tea -Bar


Welcome to our Beauty Tea Bar.  Each season you may select our custom blends that will transform your skin from the inside out.  Additionally these botanicals have multiple health benefits.

Are you ready to glow even more this season ? Let’s drink the best that nature has to offer.  Edible flowers that transform your skin with our seasonal blend.

Our custom blend is raw, kosher and organic.  1 teaspoon for every six ounces of water.  Drink it warm or put it in your ice water with fruit.  This will help detox your body and your skin will reap the benefits as it gets nourished from the inside out.  We currently have two blends available but will change them up each season.  We want you glowing, happy and peaceful.  Fall in love with feeling well and your natural beauty.  Each tin gives 14 cups.  Please only use one teaspoon.  Each tea brings a reusable and washable tea bag.

Additionally, you may use these for beauty soaks and adding it to your skin regimen. You may add honey or cinnamon if desired.  Enjoy !  Additionally, you may add your tea of choice to your seasonal spa box.  This will begin your clean beauty journey from the inside out.

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