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Let’s take your skin, your senses and your mind on an aromatherapy healing Glocation.  Are you ready ?  Our ultra healing moisturizing oils will change your skin on contact.  Our Glocation shop is seasonal blends that will moisturize and heal your skin upon daily usage.

We are so excited to bring you this oil shop.  We are essential oil experts.  We can actually customize an oil to your liking that targets your specific skin concerns.  Our oils are kosher, raw, natural and are extracted from plants and wild flowers.

Our Glocation oils are safe enough for children and target various skin concerns.  Our colored oils are great makeup primers but will heal the skin just as well.  We have been studying for years Ancient healing oils and Asian practices.  

Our store brings a mix of both cultures with a Naked Beauty twist.  These oils may be added to a Spa Box and our new ancient healing oils may be diffused.  Additionally they can be used around the home for healing, purifying, cleansing of bacteria and for blessing your home with healing.  Let’s create a wellness and peaceful environment.  These rituals have been practiced for years by royalty and have been used for centuries.

We offer free mentoring and you can contact us for recommendations on your skin type.

We hope you enjoy your visit.   We are here to assist with any questions you may have.

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