Become a National Distributor -Training & Kit

Start your own Holistic Beauty Business.  Change lives and transform faces.  It’s rewarding and beautiful.  We are recruiting nationwide.

When you become an Authorized Distributor you can sell our products nationwide.  We recommend you building your clientele via social media.  You may schedule group testing parties and one on one consultations. Where you profit on these consults and we don’t take any part of those earnings.

Its a great holistic beauty business with the highest paid commission in the industry.  We pay 20% commission on any client that you start on our program for as long as they are a part of it.  Additionally we pay the same commission for all their product orders monthly or anytime they place an order.  We pay a bonus for anyone that you know that wants to become a consultant.  

We are not a beauty trend but a lifestyle.  We will train and support your wellness business.  We will design and ship products for your clientele even custom collections seasonally.  Products may be displayed if you have your own boutique.  Training will be done virtually.  You will receive bonuses for achieving certain seasonal goals and free samples.

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